Otsuka Beauty Placenta C Jelly 31 sticks

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Otsuka Beauty Enrichment Placenta C Jelly (Mango Flavour)
31 sachets (1 month supply) 

Individually packed 31( 1 month supply) of Beauty Enrichment Placenta Jelly , so convenient and easy to eat, anytime, anywhere. Unique enzyme decomposition processing allows the collagen, placenta peptides and hyaluronic acids to be easily absorbed. This placenta beauty diet supplement is safe and diet-friendly. Sugar-free, caffeine-free and preservatives-free

• 15,000mg Low molecular weight collagen peptide:
provides essential amino acids to replenish and restructure the skin from within
• Elastin
• Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid
• Placenta extract
• Swallow's nest extract
• Ceramide
• Vitamin C: a vital factor for collagen synthesis

Consume 1 stick per day as a dessert or snack.