Orihiro Placenta Collagen Powder

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New Improved Orihiro Placenta Collagen provides the necessary collagen and amino acids to help fight visible signs of aging. Plus the added Placenta will make skin pinkish and glowing and super soft.



- Increase Collagen content in skin as to improve elasticity

- Reduce hyperpigmentation, pigmentation, skin whitening, get rid of the yellow gas

- Increase skin antioxidant function, keeps skin elastic; accelerated cell growth dermal layer, activation of the superficial cells prevent wrinkles, anti-aging.

- Improve the immune system, help the sick, postpartum, the patient's body after surgery recovery.


Content: 180g (30-day supply)



1 spoon (6g) per day contains:

✔Fish Collagen - 5,400 mg.

✔Placenta Extract

✔Vitamin C

✔Low Molecular Hyaluronic Acid - 20 mg.

✔Moisture component: Glucosamine, Ceramide



Mix 1 spoon (6g) of this product with water or with your favorite drinks (coffee, tea, hot chocolate or juice) before bedtime.



- Store out of direct sunlight.

- Make sure to dissolve the powder-mixture before consuming. - Contains raw material of pig-derived gelatin.

- Contains fish (collagen is fish-derived).

*If you have any allergies or cannot consume any of the ingredients listed above, please avoid taking this product.