Maxi Doomz 30caps

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✔ Whitening
✔ Breast firming
30 Capsules/Bottle

by JP Natural Cosmetics Co.,Ltd

• Glutathione,
• Berry mix extract,
• Vitamin C,
• Vitamin E, Z
• Collagen,
• Placenta Extract,
• Reishi Extract,
• Pine Bark Extract.

Benefits of Maxi Doomz
• Bigger and Fuller Breast
• Whiter and Brighter Skin
• Reduced Acne, Freckles and Blemishes
• Helps you adjust and promote hormonal situation
• Tightens the vagina (odor free)
• Makes you feel sexy, young and enhanced looking

✔How to use Maxi Doomz
Take 1 capsule per time, Twice a day after meal