I-doll White Armpit Cream

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I-doll White Armpit Cream






✔bikini line

Brightens & Whitens armpit, makes skin even & natural, tightens pores & can be used as DEODORANT as well, makes nipples pink too (because of AHA content).
Approved by: Thai FDA

- Safe and Effectiveness proven
- Mercury Free
- No dangerous chemicals and bleaching agents
- Safe to use even in sensitive skin
- Visible result as early as 7-10 days in most cases (The exactly effective time varies on individual skin)
- Antiperspirant
- No skin peeling

- For external Use
- Avoid contact with eyes
- Keep out of reach to the children
- Discontinue use if there is a sign of irritation and/or rash appear

Description : Doll White Armpit Cream
Size : 5 grams
Direction : Massage daily into desired areas morning and night time after bath