Extreme Whitening Lotion w/ SPF100

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In a tropical country like the Philippines, it's very difficult to find a whitening lotion you'd gladly call your best friend even when the sun is out. Well, search no more. Skin Food Essential has come up with the best Whitening Lotion with SPF 100! This product contains the latest and most powerful whitening ingredients that whitens dark spots, lightens acne scars and clarifies uneven pigmentation for that spotless white, beautiful skin!

This whitening lotion is not just your typical lather-on 'til it works kind of lotion, you can actually see visible results and change in your skin tone in just seven days! And with its SPF 100, you don't have to hide from the sun. Enjoy the summer with great-looking skin with Skin Food Essentials' Whitening Lotion with SPF 100!