Dream Woman Slimming Lotion

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Dream Woman Slimming Lotion \

Get that Wow Body without the Aw ! 

● Activated Hot Cream

● Benefits:
- 7 days or less guaranteed slimming effect
- Burns fat & rids you of excessive fat (No exercise needed)
- Reduces the occurrence of cellulites
- Gives you both a trimmer and tighter appearance

● Use 2x daily. Not sticky once applied.
See the magic in just 1 week !
The anti-fat and cellulite factor powerful quick effect on slimming by decomposing the surplus fats in the body for the discharge out of the body.
The amazing new hot cream contains 50% essence of the natural massage oil from plants extract in america, Brazil and Mexico with activated south american traditional medicine and powerful slimming and defatting organic ingredients with its powerful quick effect slimming and skin care functions.
Ingredients: essence of the natural massage oils, south american traditional medicine herbs extract, mineral hot oil and vitamin e.

Directions: shake well then softly massage on the problem area 2-3 times daily without rinse.
A new dimension to burn fatty and cellulite in the skin.

Best partner with Original Hot Shaper, or Authentic Munafie Panty ^_^ Also best partner with Slimming drinks like Skinny Coffee, Diet Coffee, Sexy Coffee or Skin Magical Fit Juice for non coffee drinkers