DHC Vitamin C Supplement (20 days)

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DHC Vitamin C Capsule Supplement

✔️Made in Japan
✔️Incorporating 1,000 mg vitamin C for 1 day.
✔️Also added vitamin B2 which is useful for beauty.
✔️Because it is a hard capsule, it is also recommended for people who are not good at acidity of vitamin C.
✔️Vitamin C is a nutrient that supports mucosal health maintenance , other benefits ;

✔️Strong immune system from infection
✔️Helps to repair skin damage
✔️Brighten the skin discoloration
✔️Increase Collagen Production
✔️Decrease Wrinkles
✔️Helps Repair UV Damage
Sports, smoking, stress, etc. are consumed in large quantities in everyday life need more vitamins to take.