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Safe with GMP standard selling one in America and Korea. Slender body guaranteed!

How to take: 1-2 capsules. If weight is more than 50 Kg, take 2 tablets before or after breakfast. - Weight loss supplements. 100% herbal extract, no side effects, no yo-yo. - The faster the speed is 4-6 kg in seven days on the hips, abdomen, upper arm, thigh cellulite
-Suitable for resistance. Both women and men.

Detoxi Slim Fast slimming Capsules. One panel containing 10 tablets. Made from 100% pure herbal medicine helps in reducing belly, upper arms, abdomen, thighs, and for those who can feel the tightening sagging abdomen within 2 weeks.
- Reduces appetite
- Reduce the absorption of fat by up to 40%
- Dry mouth, dry throat did not feel in any way

How to take: Take 1-2 capsules before or after breakfast. Time to see results 1-2 months